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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Exploring the role of technologies in building Syrian refugee community resilienceTalhouk, Reem Refaat
2017Exploring the sail training voyage as a cultural communityFletcher, Eric John
2012Exploring the scope and utility of dynamic covalent chemistry within polymeric nanoparticlesJackson, Alexander William
2019Exploring the structure and the roles of executive functions in typically developing children and children with autism spectrum disorderWen, Yunhong
2020Exploring the use of online reflective journals as a way of enhancing reflection whilst learning in the field : the experience of teachers in Saudi ArabiaAlmalki, Shatha Mohammed
2020Exploring the Use of Plant Volatiles as a Sustainable Control Method for Glasshouse Whiteflies on Glasshouse-Grown TomatoConboy, Niall J. A.
2016Exploring theories of belonging held by senior leaders in a secondary schoolLeonard, Rachel Elizabeth
2019Exploring young Saudi women's engagement with social media : feminine identities, culture and national imageAltuwayjiri, Norah Abdulaziz S
2021Exploring ‘Epistemologies of Reading’ Using Adam Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand'Hickey, Jocelyn
2003Export marketing performance in the Greek food and beverage industryMavrogiannis, Miltiadis
2014Expression analysis of osteoarthritis susceptibility lociRaine, Emma Victoria Angela
2015The expression and function of gustatory receptors in the honeybee (Apis mellifera)Simcock, Nicola Kay
2015The expression and localisation of membrane transporters and P450 enzymes along the longitudinal and crypt-villus axes of the rat intestine and their response to oral imatinibWebster, Megan
2017The expression of autism susceptibility genes in the earliest stages of human cerebral cortex developmentHarkin, Lauren Frances
2004Expression of protein kinase A holoenzymes in human myometrium during pregnancy and labourMacDougall, Malcolm
2017Exsolved base metal catalyst systems with anchored nanoparticles for carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxides (NO&#x2093;) oxidationBinti Wan Ramli, Wan Khairunnisa
1996An extended interval temporal logic and a framing technique for temporal logic programmingDuan, Zhenhua
2020Extending the reach of crushed-rock fertilizers to Africa: Alternative potassium fertiliser using nepheline syenites from MalawiChiwona, Annock Gabriel
1981The extension and application of Swet's theory of information retrievalHeine, Michael Hubert
2022Extracellular DNA as a component of dental plaqueAbduljalil, Nasrin