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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Exploring information sharing with families making decisions about gastrostomy feeding for children with neurodisabilitiesHolt, Karen Margaret
2014Exploring metacognitive development in the context of peer assisted writing using on-line and off-line methodsGold, Maeve
2019Exploring new technologies for simulation and analysis of urban floodingBertsch, Robert
2019Exploring non-academic motivational factors which impact English language learning in Saudi Arabia : a qualitative studyAlghamdi, Musa Abdullah
2018Exploring northern peatland biogeochemistry as a function of climate changeBradley, Jonathan Alexander
2017Exploring outcome measures for adults with myotonic dystrophy type 1Jimenez Moreno, Aura Cecilia
2021Exploring parents' understanding of their children’s mental health and wellbeing. From experience to discourse.Edwards, Samantha
2021Exploring persistent throat symptomsO'Hara, James
2014Exploring perspectives of ageing well :a mixed methods study of community dwelling adults aged 85 years and olderDavies, Karen
2012Exploring pupil and adult perspectives of learning and teaching in a secondary schoolGould, Jane
2014Exploring pupil perceptions of self and possible occupational selves, in a school for social emotional and behavioural difficultiesHeslop, Christopher
2022Exploring secondary students’ wellbeing : how relationships and contextual factors influence wellbeingBurt, Clare
2020Exploring Silver-Pyrimidine Chemistry and the Controlled Assembly of M-DNA SystemsMistry, Liam
2021Exploring stakeholders’ views on the Change4Life ‘Sugar Smart’ campaign and school food to improve children’s diets: two qualitative studiesGardner, Grace Ellen Lee
2014Exploring teacher efficacy and inclusive viewsWooton, Sarah-Jane
2016Exploring the concept of ability :a social constructionist approachGreig, Chloe
2021Exploring the Effects of Bile Acid Inhibition in Cholestatic PruritusHegade, Vinod Suresh
2016Exploring the impact of common buzzard Buteo buteo predation on red grouse Lagopus lagopus scoticaFrancksen, Richard Michael
2022Exploring the impact of extended services on academic achievement for primary school pupils in povertyPattison, Louise
2016Exploring the interaction of DNA repair pathways in ovarian cancerMcCormick, Aiste