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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Exploiting method semantics in client cache consistency protocols for object-oriented databasesDwiartanto, Johannes
1994Exploiting parallelism in n-D convex hull algorithmsEyoh, edet Okon
2018Exploiting robustness in asynchronous circuits to design fine-tunable systemsBenafa, Oyinkuro Ikechukwu
2016Exploiting synthetic lethality in ovarian cancerO'Donnell, Rachel Louise
2009Exploiting the architectural characteristics of software components to improve software reuseAlkazemi, Basem Yousef
2015a Exploiting the potential of Agave for bioenergy in marginal landsAl Baijan, Dalal B. A. S
2015Exploiting the potential of Agave for bioenergy in marginal landsAl Baijan, Dalal B. A. S.
2023An exploration into how children, young people and adults conceptualise and enhance children and young people’s participation through meta-ethnography and collaborative action researchSmith, Katie
2015An exploration into how collaborative problem solving groups can change teachers' practiceWright, Rebecca Danielle
2021An Exploration of How Educational Psychologists can facilitate positive change in residential children's homes: Perceptions of Residential Care WorkersMeyrick, Rachel
2017An exploration of how teenagers' electronic and social media use impacts wider areas of their livesPoole, Faye
2020An exploration of meetings between parents and multiple professionals through bounded meta-study and collaborative action researchRussell, Jade
2019An exploration of preparation for parenthood amongst first-time biological parentsSpiteri, Georgette
2022Exploration of sleep as a specific risk factor for poor cardiometabolic and mental health & the comparison of subjective and objective assessments of sleepZhu, Gewei
2016An exploration of teachers' understanding of their questioning practices in science lessons in early primary teaching in ThailandCheewaviriyanon, Chalita
2001An exploration of teachers' wellbeingSmall, Daniel
2017An exploration of the application of a theory of basic psychological needs in developing practice in a secondary schoolCockram, Nicola
2014An exploration of the characteristics of excess travel within commutingFraszczyk, Anna
2023An exploration of the concept of ‘walkability’ in a hot arid climate : the case of Makkah cityAlmajadiah, Abdulrahman Mubarak.
2017An exploration of the diagnostic label 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder'Parker, Honor Louise