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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013From digital creations of space to analogous experiences of places :living in second life and acting in Flash MobAntonopoulou, Aikaterini
2006From geospatial data capture to the delivery of GIS-ready information :improved management within a GIS environmentAbdul Majeed, Zainal
2005From house to school : adaptive re-use of housing for primary education in Havana, CubaDale, Julia Edna Sheelagh
2011From international student to integrated academic : supporting the transition of Chinese students and lecturers in UK higher educationHsieh, Hui-hua
2014From language revalorisation to language revitalisation? :discourses of Maya language promotion in YucatánCru, Josep
2011From paternal hegemony to the ethics of fraternity :the place of absent fathers in Le Jeune Cinéma FrançaisPark, Eun-Jee
2005From the glorious revolution to the French revolutionary wars :civil-military relations in North-East England during the eighteenth centuryChristiansen, David
2019From the lab to the real world : the redox reactivity of Fe-bearing clay minerals in complex biogeochemical environmentsRothwell, Katherine Ann
2018Fronting constructions in Chinese from synchronic and diachronic perspectivesLi, Man
2004FTIR studies of TiO2Jin, Changqing
2017Full duplex-transceivers : architectures and performance analysisJebur, Bilal Alauldeen
2002A fully Bayesian approach to financial forecasting and portfolio selectionSimpson, Andrew
2012Function theory related to H∞ controlAbouhajar, Alaa Abdulwahab Abdulrahman
2011Functional analysis of the histone methyltransferase SET9 in androgen receptor regulation and prostate cancerWang, Nan
2012Functional analysis of the mrd operon in Salmonella : role in biology and pathogenicityDoble, Anne Catherine
2013Functional analysis of the OA associated variant rs143383Syddall, Catherine
2016Functional analysis of the osteoarthritis susceptibility loci marked by the polymorphisms rs10492367 and rs9350591Johnson, Katherine
2005Functional analysis of TSPY and its role in prostate carcinogenesisOmar, Mahmoud Mustafa
2019Functional characterisation of SLC2A3 and PFKP in t(8;21)-positive acute myeloid leukemiaIsa, Asmida
2013Functional dissection of genetic associations to osteoarthritisRatnayake, Madhushika Samanthi