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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Fate and transport of lignin in the soil-water continuumWilliams, Jonathan Simon
2020Fate of antibiotic resistance genes and bacteria under sequentialredox conditions within biofilm reactorsJong, Mui Choo
1997The fatigue characteristics of precast concrete raft unitsLuheshi, Yousef Bashir
1997Fatigue of glass reinforced plastic pipes and joints for offshore applicationsHu, Fang Zong
2012Fault injection testing method of software implemented fault tolerance mechanisms of web service systemsFarj, Khaled Ali Saleh
1996Fault injection testing of software implemented fault tolerance mechanisms of distributed systemsTao, Sha
2008Fault ride-through of wind farms using series dynamic braking resistorsCausebrook, Andrew
2018Fault tolerant control system design for distillation processesLawal, Sulaiman Ayobami
1998Fault tolerant drives for safety critical applicationsHaylock, James Alexander
2010Fault tolerant electromechanical actuators for aircraftBennett, John William
2019A fault tolerant motor drive for electric power steering systemsAl-Jaf, Ari Akbar Hassan
1994Fault-tolerant group communication protocols for asynchronous systemsMacedo, Raimundo Jose de Araujo
1997Fault-tolerant parallel applications using a network of workstationsSmith, James Antony
1999Fault-tolerant software: dependability/performance trade-offs, concurrency and system supportXu, Jie
2021A fault-tolerant triple three phase induction machineLiu, Fangbo
1958The fauna of wrack bedsEgglishaw, Henry J
2018The feasibility of using brown seaweed, Laminaria digitata, as feedstock for generating bioenergy and biomaterialsMembere, Edward Amasaye
2013Feature extraction and information fusion in face and palmprint multimodal biometricsAhmad, Muhammad Imran.
2013Feedback control and stabilisability in problems of elastodynamicsMahinzaeim, Mahyar
2021Feedback mechanisms between PAR polarity effectors and the actomyosin cytoskeletonGascón Fernandez-Gubieda, Alicia