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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Free improvisation, structure and gameNielsen, Richard John
2014Free trade in Euro-Mediterranean agriculture :an economic perspective of TurkeySarica, Deniz
2020Freedom through footballKarydis, Evripidis
2014Freeform 3D interactions in everyday environmentsKim, David
2011Frequency and time domain motion and mooring analyses for a FPSO operating in deep waterHa, Tai Pil
2011Frequency domain temperature model :a new method in on-line temperature estimation for power modules in drives applicationsJames, Gareth Christopher
2014From active to passive noise :rethinking the radicalism of Japanese noise musicPotts, Adam Simon
2020From automated to data-driven large-scale dietary assessmentOsadchiy, Timur
2018From combatant to casualty :challenging conceptions of children's political agency in ColombiaGraham, Alicia Claire
2005From crash tolerance to Byzantine tolerance: fail signalling dependable distributed systemsMpoeleng, Dimane
2013From digital creations of space to analogous experiences of places :living in second life and acting in Flash MobAntonopoulou, Aikaterini
2006From geospatial data capture to the delivery of GIS-ready information :improved management within a GIS environmentAbdul Majeed, Zainal
2005From house to school : adaptive re-use of housing for primary education in Havana, CubaDale, Julia Edna Sheelagh
2011From international student to integrated academic : supporting the transition of Chinese students and lecturers in UK higher educationHsieh, Hui-hua
2014From language revalorisation to language revitalisation? :discourses of Maya language promotion in YucatánCru, Josep
2011From paternal hegemony to the ethics of fraternity :the place of absent fathers in Le Jeune Cinéma FrançaisPark, Eun-Jee
2021From sequences to cognitive structures : neurocomputational mechanismsCalmus, Ryan Michael
2005From the glorious revolution to the French revolutionary wars :civil-military relations in North-East England during the eighteenth centuryChristiansen, David
2019From the lab to the real world : the redox reactivity of Fe-bearing clay minerals in complex biogeochemical environmentsRothwell, Katherine Ann
2018Fronting constructions in Chinese from synchronic and diachronic perspectivesLi, Man