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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Fault-tolerant software: dependability/performance trade-offs, concurrency and system supportXu, Jie
2021A fault-tolerant triple three phase induction machineLiu, Fangbo
1958The fauna of wrack bedsEgglishaw, Henry J
2023The feasibility of pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with interstitial lung diseases including patients with combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysemaAlsomali, Hana Jama A
2018The feasibility of using brown seaweed, Laminaria digitata, as feedstock for generating bioenergy and biomaterialsMembere, Edward Amasaye
2013Feature extraction and information fusion in face and palmprint multimodal biometricsAhmad, Muhammad Imran.
2021Feedback mechanisms between PAR polarity effectors and the actomyosin cytoskeletonGascón Fernandez-Gubieda, Alicia
2022Feedback mechanismsin the interactions between cortical interneurons and pyramidal cellsMackenzie-Gray Scott, Connie Anne Rose
2018Feeding the middle classes :taste, classed identity and domestic food practicesGibson, Kate Shirley
2019Feeling American : spatialising emotion, embodiment and affective atmospheres in the emergence of everyday national identitiesDreblow, Hannah Truus
2016Feeling comfortable outdoors : a phenomenological understanding of microclimate perception in the Egyptian contextHasanein, Amira Ezzat Abdelshafi
2019Female enterprise and entrepreneurship in North East England, 1778-1801Beaumont, Susan Laura
2019Female visibility/representation in Saudi Arabia : a critical multimodal/discourse analysis of the 2013 IKEA catalogue and press discourses on Saudi ArabiaTaher, Ender Abdulahad T
2011The feminine and the sacred : the mythicization of women in D.H. Lawrence's fictionHaritatou, Parthenia
2019A feminist criminological critique of aspects of the criminal justice system and the whole-system response towards female victims of intimate partner abuseKyriakopoulou-Kollia, Foteini
2012Fertigation of Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in a soil-less greenhouse system : effects of fertiliser formulation and irrigation frequencyHaji Sabli, Haji Mohd Zamri
2016Festival as process : art, territory, assemblage and mobility in North East England 2003-2012Merrington, Peter John
2011Fidelity of eukaryotic and archaeal family-B DNA polymerasesJozwiakowski, Stanislaw Konstanty
2014Field investigations and hydrological studies of two unstable, unsaturated soil slopes in Saint Lucia, West IndiesIsaac, Roosevelt Adolph
1998Field oriented control of single and cascaded doubly-fed induction machinesHopfensperger, Bernhard