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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Foreigner-directed speech and L2 speech learning in an understudied interactional setting: the case of foreign-domestic helpers in OmanAl Kendi, Azza
2006Forgotten prophets : the lives of unitarian women, 1760-1904Peart, Ann Sonja
2021A Formal Methodology for Engineering Heterogeneous Railway Signalling SystemsStankaitis, Paulius
2022Formal methods for spacecraft control programsLukyanov, Georgy
2005Formal modelling and analysis of an asynchronous communication mechanismHenderson, Neil
2001Formal modelling and analysis of broadcasting embedded control systemsKendall, David
2013Formal modelling and analysis of dynamic reconfiguration of dependable systemsBhattacharyya, Anirban
1995Formal safety analysis methods and their application to the design processWang, Jin
2012The formation and development of proglacial overdeepenings at a contemporary Piedmont lobe glacier :Skeiðarárjökull, South East IcelandGregory, Andrew Robert
2008Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation through business incubators: a comparative analysis of the role of European business and innovation centresWilson, Peter
2010Fostering foreign language learning among less successful learners : exploring the role of self-directed multimedia learning environmentsKao, Pei-Lun
2020Fostering sustainable university-university museum relationships: a study on the integration of museum collections in Higher Education curriculaSabelli, Philip
2019The Four-Minute Warning Drawing Machine: revealing the assemblages of nuclear deterrenceMulvihill, Michael
2012Fourth century Christian educationGane, Jennifer Helen
2012FOXP3 regulates metastatic spread of breast cancer via control of expression of CXCR4 chemokine receptorOverbeck-Zubrzycka, Dorota
2015FPGA design and implementation of a framework for optogenetic retinal prosthesisAl-Yaman, Musa Salah Musa
2013FPGA implementations for parallel multidimensional filtering algorithmsHasan, Sami Kadhim
2020Fracture mechanics based offshore mooring fatigue assessmentXue, Xutian
2015Fracture mechanics of bi-material interfaces for composite pipe repairLinden, Johannes Maximillian
1989A fracture mechanics study of unassisted and water jet assisted rock disc cuttingZhao, Xuan Liang