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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A holistic study of the sustained impact of non-standard refined diesel fuel on the Niger Delta Region of NigeriaBebeteidoh, Oyinkepreye Lucky
2020A hollow-shaft rotor cooling system for automotive traction motorsGai, Yaohui
2010Hollywood, the family audience and the family film, 1930-2010Brown, Noel
1998Home and Furniture: Use and Meaning of Domestic Space, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaAkbar, Sameer
2018Home or care? Capacity or incapacity? : an ethnographic study of how capacity and best interests are decided for people with dementia on discharge from hospitalPoole, Marie
2011Homeostasis of Langerhans and dendritic cells in health and diseaseBigley, Venetia Hart
2018Homological algebra and friezesPescod, David
2015Homological properties of Banach and C*-algebras of continuous fieldsCushing, David
2020Homomorphic encryption in algebraic settingsAiston, Jack
2016Hormonal adaptation to acute and chronic hypoxia : the role of brain natriuretic peptide and stress hormones in the diagnosis and etiology of altitude illnessMellor, Adrian John
2018Hormones of energy homeostasis : linking weight loss and cognition in Parkinson's disease?Johnston, Fionnuala Ann
2020Host factors and environmental stimuli that regulate Schizosaccharomyces pombe LTR retrotransposonsChan, Tsun Ho
2021Host-bacterial interactions underlying recurrent urinary tract infectionsTan, Aaron Ming Zhi
2006Household change, residential mobility and the changing role of social housing :a multi-method study of the sector's role in the life course of exiting tenantsHarvey, Wayne
2018Household energy demand management using retrofitting and passive energy saving methodsLiang, Xinxin
1996Housing design and socio-cultural values in Libya :an investigation of traditional and contemporary housingShawesh, Abubaker Mohamed
1987Housing for the lower income people of Dhaka, Bangladesh: a pen-urban developent approachAmeen, Shahidul
1986Housing in Central Makkoh : influence of HajjHariri, Majdi Mohammed
1998The housing of pilgrims in Al-Madina :Islamic principles and user satisfactionAl-Harrbi, Abdulaziz Salem
2006Housing policy and supply in Khartoum : the role of the public sector in the supply processHafazalla, Abdulhafeez Awad