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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Heterologous expression of Triticum aestivum WRKY transcription factors in Pichia pastoris : interaction with promoters of defence genesAlhudhaibi, Abdulrahman Mohammed
2007Hidden biographies : dyslexia, disability and social classMacdonald, Stephen James
2001The hidden geography of transnational surveillance : social and technological networks around signals intelligence sitesWood, David
2014Hidden inequalities :Rwandan female politicians' experiences of balancing family and political responsibilitiesUvuza, Justine
2010Hierarchical forecasting for predicting spare parts demand in the South Korean NavyMoon, Seongmin
2022Hierarchical timing in varieties of Kuwaiti ArabicGhadanfari, Saleh
2022Hierarchical visualization of high dimensional data : interactive exploration of 'omics type dataMacquisten, Alexander Michael
2020Higgs vacuum decay and implications for the Standard ModelMarshall, Katie Marie
2013High efficient interleaved boost converter with novel switch adaptive control in photovoltaic applicationBabaa, Saleh Hassan Elkelani
2000High frequency transformer design and modelling using finite element techniqueMuhammed, Adil Hussein
2017High gain non-isolated DC-DC converter topologies for energy conversion systemsMuhammad, Musbahu
2016High performance graph analysis on parallel architecturesGrivas, Athanasios K
1995High Performance Switched Reluctance DrivesBarrass, Peter
2015High power density AC to DC conversion with reduced input current harmonicsGrant, David
2021High Power Density Propulsion Motor for Hybrid Electric AircraftChiodetto, Nicola
1982High pressure water jet assisted drag tool cutting of rock materialsTecen, O
1996High solids anaerobic digestion of the putrescible fraction of municipal solid wasteZatari, Taha Mohammed
2014High speed high power electrical machinesSmith, Daniel James Bernard
2014A high torque density, direct drive in-wheel motor for electric vehiclesIfedi, Chukwuma Junior
2017High-performance simulation technologies for water-related natural hazardsXia, Xilin