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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016L2 English fricative production by Thai learnersKitikanan, Patchanok
2022L2 Motivational self system and L2 writing anxiety among female English language majors in SaudiI ArabiaAlhayek, Ahlem Mohammed S
1970Laboratory and underground investigations into the stability of mine workings in gypsumJones, B.
1986Laboratory water jet assisted drag tool rock cutting studies at high traverse speedsIp, Chun Keung
2017The laminar profile of spatial attention in macaque V1 and V4Boyd, Michael
2001Land and society : the Bronze Age cairnfields and field systems of BritainJohnston, Robert Alexander
2023Land transactions in rural areas markets, social networks, and Government institutionsKato, Yumi Isaka
2023Landscape and memory: everyday experience in the heritage landscapes of North East EnglandCarter, Philippa
2014Landscape change :the case of two Pennine parishesNewton, Sheila Coralie Severn
2021Landscape character and public perception: a participatory Historic Landscape Characterisation approach in NorthumberlandDabaut, Niels
2011Landscape infrastructure and liveable communities :a case study of New-Cairo, EgyptAhmed, Tamer Mohamed Abd El-Fattah
2019Landscape performance : the development of a performance philosophy practiceDenman-Cleaver, Tess
2009Landscape use by gulls (Larus spp.)Cook, Aonghais
2007Landscapes of blindness and visual impairment : sight, touch and laughter in the English countrysideMacPherson, Hannah Mary
2019Landslide monitoring using mobile device and cloud-based photogrammetryChidburee, Polpreecha
2022Langhans-type multinucleated giant cells in giant cell arteritisMaunder, Daniel Joseph
2015Language and cognition : effects of grammatical gender on the categorisation of objectsAlmutrafi, Fatimah
1998A language and toolkit for the specification, execution and monitoring of dependable distributed applicationsRanno, Frederic
2012Language anxiety in Chinese learners of English in the U.K. :conceptualisation of language anxiety in second language learning and its relationship with other leaner variablesWan, Hong
1998Language at Work in Jonathan SwiftBishop, Julie Alexandra