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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Living with Parkinson’s disease in Kenya: sociality, improvisation and hopeFothergill-Misbah, Natasha Kate
1987Load sharing in distributed computer systemsAfzal, Tahir Mahmood
2018Local authority museums after the cuts :a study of other-than-public forms of managementRex, Bethany
2014Local characterisation of strain in silicon nanostructuresUrena Begara, Fernando
2016Local climate governance in England and Germany : converging towards a hybrid model?Eckersley, Peter Mark
2021Local communities as infrastructure for place-based mobile learningRichardson, Daniel
2014Local sensitivity analysis and bias model selectionYin, Peng
1977Localized defects in semiconductorsBrand, Stuart
1992The locally embedded branch plant? : a study of linkage change in the northern region of EnglandPhelps, Nicholas Alfred
1996Location and routing optimization protocols supporting internet host mobilityCho, Gi Hwan
2018Location dependent key management schemes supported by random selected cell reporters in wireless sensor networksAl-Shwaily, Harith Fakhrey Tahir
2017The location of BRICS foreign direct investment in the European Union, 1997-2010Zhou, Qianyi
1987Logical presupposition : a re-appraisal of the concept and revision of the theoryBurton-Roberts, Noel
2023A Lonely Generation? Exploring the Geographies of Loneliness of Millennials in County DurhamKelly, Jessie
2000Long term changes in the North Sea ecosystemClark, Robin Alexander
1983The long term stability of room and pillar workings in a gypsum mineDoktan, Mehmet
2006Long-term behaviour of aramid fibreFallatah, Gasem M
2019The long-term impacts of upland livestock grazing pressure on the breeding productivity, nestling diet and nutrition of a common insectivorous passerineMalm, Lisa Elina
2020Long-term landscape development in south-east Northumberland using orientation analysisAstbury, David
2023Long-term outcomes of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseGallacher, Jennifer Anne