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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Modelling diagenesis in archaeological boneSmith, Colin Ian
2016Modelling eating behaviours : from childhood to adolescenceFernandes-Machado, Sandra
2021Modelling energy efficiency and performance trade-offsAlssaiari, Ali Abdullah
2021Modelling escalation of attacks in federated identity managementSimpson, Sean Joshua Mallory
2016Modelling fire behaviour of composite materialsDi Modica, Pietro
2013Modelling FKRP and fukutin deficiency in zebrafishWood, Alasdair John
2019Modelling function-valued processes with complex structureKonzen, Evandro
2016Modelling hypertrophy in dystrophic cardiomyocytesRisto, Morten
2019Modelling interfacial diffusion processes for CZTS thin film photovoltaicsBahrani, Fatimah Hameed Khaleel
2023Modelling methods to improve our understanding of chronic bee paralysis in the European honey Bee (Apis mellifera)Rowland, Benjamin Williams
2014Modelling microbial diversity in Antarctic soilsOrd, Victoria June
1997Modelling minewater flow and quality changes after coalfield closureSherwood, Julia Merryn
2017Modelling mitochondrial epilepsy in vitro :conceptualisation, mechanisms, and therapeutic implicationsChan, Felix
2017Modelling of DFIG wind turbine with consideration for converter behaviour during supply fault conditionsChongjarearn, Yutana
2021Modelling of Fine Chemical Manufacturing Effluent and Emissions: Implementation of Mathematical and Physical Models for Wastewater ManagementMullen, Daniel
2017Modelling of magnetizing inductance saturation in a three-phase self-excited induction generatorAlfrhan, A. M. N. Abdlrhman Mohammed N.
2011The modelling of particle resuspension in a turbulent boundary layerZhang, Fan
2017Modelling of pollutant adsorption by activated carbon and biochar with and without magnetite impregnation for the treatment of refinery and other wastewatersSani, Badruddeen Saulawa
2017Modelling of unsteady pipe flow with "liquid column separation" (water hammer induced transient cavitation)Kashada, Mohamed Abdulsalam
2013Modelling of wear and crack initiation in rails / Gordana .Vasic, Gordana