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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Morphology-based landslide monitoring with an unmanned aerial vehiclePeppa, Maria Valasia
2019Mortality change in Hermoupolis, Greece (1859-1940)Raftakis, Michail
2022Mortality in Victorian Asylums, ca. 1870-1910. The causes, processes and monitoring of lunatic death, with a focus on post-mortemsFerrier, Ian Nicol
2019Motion analysis of FPSO in multidirectional seas : the West African offshore regionOrji, Charles Ugochukwu
2022The motivations and outcomes of consumer engagement with online sexual health communitiesDu, Hao
2019Motor system plasticity induced by non-invasive stimuliFoysal, Kh M Riashad
2018Mourning jewellery in England, c.1500-1800Middlemass, Cara Sian
1996Movement of solutes in structured soils during intermittent leaching : a theoretical and laboratory studyAl-Sibai, Mahmoud
2019Movement patterns of the European lobster Homarus gammarus : investigating the effects of habitat use and behaviour patterns on catchabilityLees, Kirsty Jane
2021Moving Moments: Uses of European Pasts in Heritage and Political DiscourseFarrell-Banks, David
2015Moving towards whole settlement energy self-sufficiency in rural communitiesPringle, Rhona
2022MR-only and PET-MR Radiotherapy for Pelvic CancersWyatt, Jonathan J
2019MreB dependent cell envelope homeostasis in Bacillus subtilisSeistrup, Kenneth Holst
2017Msx1 modulates the Pax9-null cardiovascular phenotypeKhasawneh, Ramada Rateb Abdel Karim
2009Mucus layer properties and dynamics in reef coralsJatkar, Amita
2011Multi-agency working with children and families : a focus on facilitators and using activity theory principles to explore this topic areaGillen, Alexia
2020Multi-constellation GNSS estimation of ocean tide loading displacementAbbaszadeh, Majid
2016Multi-criteria decision making support tools for maintenance of marine machinery systemsEmovon, Ikuobase
2013Multi-criteria decision-making in whole process designHodgett, Richard Edgar
2021Multi-layer carbon fiber reinforced plastic characterization and reconstruction using eddy current pulsed thermographyYi, Qiuji