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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Behaviour of composite pipes under multi-axial stressAbdul Majid, Mohd Shukry Bin
2006Behaviour of finned piles in sand under lateral loadingPeng, Jing-Rui
1996The behaviour of flexibly bedded concrete paver pavementsAlgin, Halil Murat
1995The behaviour of U.K. stock prices and returnsHayes, Simon
1985A behavioural analysis of modal choice in freight transportJeffs, Vivien Patricia
2003Behavioural bioassays for non-biocidal coatingsStagg, Maxine
2019Behavioural regulation of mineral salt intake in the adult worker honey bee, Apis melliferaTeixeira De Sousa, Raquel.-
2015Behavioural strategy for indoor mobile robot navigation in dynamic environmentsAlsaab, Ahmad
2016'Being' a ventricular assist device recipient :a liminal existenceStanding, Holly Cleo
2011Belief representation for counts in Bayesian inference and experimental designWilson, Kevin James
2014Belonging in Byker :the nature of local belonging and attachment in contemporary citiesYarker, Sophie Katharine
2020Below-ground impacts on microbial diversity of afforestation and woodland succession in Great BritainByrne, Justin George
2020Benchmarking and evaluation of blockchain systems and applicationsAldweesh, Amjad
2008Benefits of traceability in software developmentArkley, Paul
2002Benzene exposure from automobiles fuelled with petrolAl-Khulaifi, Nabeel
2007Bernician narratives :place-names, archaeology and historyWood, Mark Steven
2012Beta-cell therapy for daibetes :development of quality assured transport of human islets for transplantation at remote centres; investigation of augmentation of human islets ex vivo; and exploration of the potential for expansion and redifferentiation in vitroAldibbiat, Ali
2021Better use of molluscicide pellets for improved management of slugsCampbell, Amy
2021Between precarity and professionalism : assembling professional identities in the translation industrySeddon, Emma
2011Between self and other :abjection and unheimlichkeit in the films of David LynchJones, Adam Daniel