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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Phonotactic probability and phonotactic constraints :processing and lexical segmentation by Arabic learners of English as a foreign languageAl-jasser, Faisal M. A.
2023Phosphanyl-substituted tetrylenes and ditetrelenesLiu, Mo
2011Phosphido-borane complexes of group I and II metalsWatson, James Martin
2016Phosphine-borane-stabilised carbanion complexes of main group elementsDixon, Casey Michelle
1993Photocatalysis of organic effluentsYatmaz, Huseyin Cengiz
2020Photochemical generation of a viable oxidizing agent and application to dye photobleachingNassar, Sulafa Jamal Mohammed
2016Photophysics of multicomponent molecules under dynamic controlStachelek, Patrycja
2018Photostability and the BOPHY architectureWoodford, Owen John
1990Photosynthesis and inorganic carbon accumulating mechanisms in marine intertidal macroalgaeKay, Elizabeth
2021Phylogenetic inference using Hamiltonian Monte CarloRobinson, Matthew Bahram Edmund
2015Physical activity behaviour in overweight and obese pregnant womenMcParlin, Catherine
2012Physical activity, exercise and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseHallsworth, Kate
2015The physical and psychological health of x-linked carriers of chronic granulomatous disease in the United KingdomBattersby, Alexandra
1997Physical biotopes in representative river channels :identification, hydraulic characterisation and applicationPadmore, Catherine Lucy
2015Physical features of the human body that predict attractiveness and health judgementsCrossley, Kara Louise
2020The physical health and quality of life of patients with X-linked agammaglobulinaemia in England and WalesShillitoe, Benjamin Martin James
2017Physical layer network coding based communication systems in frequency selective channelsAhmed, Alaa Hussain
2015Physical parameter-aware Networks-on-Chip designDahir, Nizar Saadi
2020Physical Unclonability Framework for the Internet of ThingsGoutsos, Konstantinos
1988Physically-based mathematical modelling of catchment sediment yieldWicks, Jonathan Mark