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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Quantification of the demands of elite rugby union players and understanding the subsequent physiological and epigenetic responses : $$b an applied approach towards prescription and individualisationKupusarevic, Joe Dusan
2018A quantified past : fieldwork and design for remembering a data-driven lifeElsden, Christopher Richard
2013Quantifying activity in nascent neuronal networks derived from embryonic stem cellsAdams, Natalie
2014Quantifying and simulating the impact of flood mitigation features in a small rural catchmentNicholson, Alexander Robert
2014Quantifying and upscaling surface and subsurface runoff and nutrient flows under climate variabilityTripkovic, Vesna
2014Quantifying the benefits and risks of real-time thermal ratings in electrical networksGreenwood, David Michael
2013Quantifying the spatio-temporal temperature dynamics of Greater London using thermal Earth observationHolderness, Tomas du Chemin
2014Quantitative analysis of distributed systemsZeng, Wen
2019Quantitative analysis of oxidative phosphorylation dysfunction in mitochondrial myopathy and ageingWarren, Charlotte Frances
2014Quantitative analysis of the release order of defensive mechanismsAlsuhibany, Suliman Abdullah
2018Quantitative electrical imaging of slope moisture dynamicsHen-Jones, Rosalind Mary
2013Quantitative interpretation of magnetic field measurements in eddy current defect detectionSimm, Anthony
2019Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging in muscular dystrophiesMurphy, Alexander Peter
2012Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging in traumatic brain injuryCowie, Christopher James Andrew
2013Quantitative modelling of UK housing pricesZhang, Hanxiong
2020Quantum mechanical bespoke force fields for computer-aided drug designHorton, Joshua Thomas
2015A quasi-experimental study of formative peer assessment in an EFL writing classroomKuo, Chia Lin
2014Questioning in the Saudi EFL University classroom :student perspectives and teacher practicesAlshenqeeti, Hamza
2017Race and nation in 21st century Malaysia : the production of racialised electoral politics in the Malaysian mediaMacLeod, Alexander
2019Radaptation : adapting ancient Greek tragedy in the twenty-first centuryEvans, Fiona Anneliese