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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Biologically-inspired hierarchical architectures for object recognitionAlameer, Ali Munthr Abdulkareem
2018The biology and ecology of Bruchus rufimanus (bean seed beetle)Ward, Rebecca Louise
1961The biology and ecology of the swede midge Contarinia nasturii (Kieffer) (Diptera; Cecidomyidae).Readshaw, J. L.
2005The biology, behaviour and control of the field slug, Deroceras reticulatum (Müller)Howlett, Sally Ann
2022Biomarker identification and multiplex assay development for the detection of antimicrobial resistanceSetterfield, Matthew Antony
2017A biomarker-based exclusion of ventilator-associated pneumonia : towards improved antibiotic stewardshipHellyer, Thomas Philip
2016Biomarkers in dementia with Lewy bodiesDonaghy, Paul Christopher
2019Biomarkers of mismatch repair deficiency in colorectal cancer and cancer predisposition syndromesGallon, Richard John
2021Biomass-derived carbon as a precursor for bipolar plate in vanadium redox flow batteryPhan, Huu Ha
2010Biomechanical analysis of reverse anatomy shoulder prosthesisKontaxis, Andreas
2005Biomechanical analysis of stretch reflex responses :an approach to spasticity measurementSalazar-Torres, Jose de Jesus
2023Biomechanical characterisation of single-cell mechanics and cell-to materials adhesion using fluidic force microscopyLuo, Ma
2014Biomechanical studies of locomotion in pigsStavrakakis, Sophia
2013Biometric face recognition using multilinear projection and artificial intelligenceAl-Shiha, Abeer A. Mohamad
2017Biometric fusion methods for adaptive face recognition in computer visionFakhir, Mahammad Majed
2016Biometric iris image segmentation and feature extraction for iris recognitionUkpai, Charles Onyebuchi
2017Biomimetic improvement of hydrodynamic performance of horizontal axis tidal turbinesShi, Weichao
1996Biomineral lipids in living and fossil molluscsStern, Benjamin
2022Biophysics of naked mole-rat derived lipid bilayers and their complex behaviourDavies, Matthew
2022Bioprinting of Hydrogels onto Structural Biomaterials for Bioactive InterfacesKotlarz, Marcin