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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Black-oriented radio and the campaign for civil rights in the United States, 1945-1975Walsh, Stephen Roy James
2020Blend formation tendencies, from English to Arabic : a comparative studyMohsin, Ekhlas Ali
2019Blessed yet bereft :a qualitative exploration of family member experience of heart, liver, and/or lung transplantation in the UKPatterson, Rebecca Amy
2015Blind source separation using statistical nonnegative matrix factorizationParathai, Phetcharat
2022Blockchain-Based Framework and Simulation Middleware for Service Level Agreement Compliance Assessment in the Context of IoTAlzubaidi, Ali Abdulaziz K
2009Blood pressure, antihypertensive treatment and cognitive decline in older adultsSaxby, Brian Kent
2022Board Diversity and Women Directors’ Attributes: New Insights from Bank Risk, Stability and Stock Market Valuations with Evidence from Alternative Banking ModelsAlharbi, Rana Hamaid
2015Bodies over borders : trans-sizing the expatriate experienceLLoyd, Jennifer Anne
2015Bodies that stutter : impersonality, desire, jouissance and the gay male subject in contemporary mediaLongstaff, Gareth
2021Bodies, cultures and health: young people constructing and contesting gender and sexuality through design and digital technologyWood, Matthew
2022Bond graph modelling of exergy in integrated energy systemsWardle, Robin
2006The borders and boundaries of community : social cohesion and responses to domestic and racial violenceHaq, Jacqueline Mary
2019Braid group actions and quasi K-matrices for quantum symmetric pairsDobson, Liam
2020Brain Dynamics as Confirmatory Biomarker of Dementia with Lewy Bodies Versus Alzheimer’s Disease - an Electrophysiological StudyMehraram, Ramtin
2019Brain imaging and lithium in bipolar disorderNecus, Joseph Hyman
2021Branding Central America for an International market : practitioner networks in the region’s film productionFallas Fallas, Luis Fernando
2017Branding men : exploring how leading Thai alcohol companies use masculinity to increase consumer market share in ThailandSiripai, Jhitsayarat
2009Brane-worlds and low energy heterotic M-theoryAhmed, Nasr
2021The breadth of open innovation activities : antecedents and outcomes, a dynamic capability perspectiveEl Maalouf, Nicole
2006Breaking voices : voice, subjectivity and fragmentation in popular musicJarman-Ivens, Freya