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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Unpresentable landscapes and the art of the indexSmith, Matthew
2011Unravelling cylindromas : a molecular dissection of CYLD defective tumoursRajan, Neil
2022Unravelling gender, party and politics in 280 characters : an exploration of British Politicians’ tweets during and between election campaignsJansen, Marloes Gerardina Maria
2020Unravelling the genomic landscape of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in older adultsCreasey, Thomas
2012Unravelling the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetesLim, Ee Lin
2012Unsettling assumptions about community engagement :a new perspective on Indigenous Blackfoot participation in museums and heritage sites in Alberta, CanadaOnciul, Bryony Annette
2015Unstructural studies of microalgaeRawdhan, Alanoud
2022Untold Stories: Parents’ Experiences of Young People Reintegrating from Alternative Provision to Mainstream EducationSteels, Rebecca
2020Uptake of peatland ecosystem service knowledge for decision-makingNeumann, Rosmarie Katrin
2011Urban development planning, regeneration and public participation : a comparison between the UK and IranFarzaneh, Maryam
2015Urban food simulation by coupling a hydrodynamic model with a hydrological modelZhang, Hongbin
1974The urban geography of BaghdadAl-Ashab, Khalis H.
1998Urban neighbourhoods of Tehran :the social relations of residents and their 'living place'Mousavi, Sieyd Yaghob
2002Urban outdoor recreation provision : concepts and practiceAydin-Wheater, Nazan
1997Urban regeneration through cultural values :a normative approachGhomashchi, Vahid
2012Urban society and the English Revolution : the archaeology of the new JerusalemMabbitt, John Charles
2001Urbicide and the question of community in Bosnia-HerzegovinaCoward, Martin
2020The Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene Biomarker in Street Janitors Exposed to Traffic Related Benzo[a]Pyrene During One Islamic Calendar Year in Madinah, Saudi ArabiaKordi, Khalid Nael S
2019Urogenital Fistula :studies on epidemiology and treatment outcomes in high-income and low-and middle-income countriesHilton, Paul
2005The US Congress and United Nations peace-enforcement operations during the first Clinton administrationMoore, Jeremy