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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Visual object-oriented development of parallel applicationsWebber, James
2011Visual symptoms in Parkinson's disease and Parkinson's disease dementiaArchibald, Neil Kenneth
2019Visual word processing of non-Arabic-speaking Qur'anic memorisersBinte Faizal, Siti Syuhada
2017Visualisation and analysis of complex behaviours using structured occurrence netsLi, Bowen
2016Visuo-spatial processing in ageing : neuropsychological and neuroimaging correlatesLai, Che-Ying
2022Vitamin D status and biomarkers of functional health and ageing in very-old adults : analysis of the Newcastle 85+ studyHakeem, Sarah
2020Vitamin D supplementation and vitamin D biomarkers in relation to sunlight exposure and musculoskeletal health in older adults using two different study designsRanathunga, Ranathunga Mudiyanselage Thilanka Kumari
2018Vitamin D, endothelial function and cardio-metabolic healthMat Hussin, Azizah Binti
2008The vocabulary learning strategies of Libyan university students of English and their vocabulary knowledgeAljdee, Ali Almagtoof
2003Vocational training in the Performing Arts at level III from 1987-2002.Joseph, Christopher James
2013Voice quality features in the production of pharyngeal consonants by Iraqi Arabic speakersAlsiraih, Wasan
2013Voice tremor in Parkinson's disease (PD) :identification, characterisation and relationship with speech, voice and disease variablesGillivan-Murphy, Patricia
2009Voice, body and performance in Tori Amos, Björk and Diamanda Galás : towards a theory of feminine vocal performanceZaplana Rodríguez, Esther
2022Voicing Contrast in Najdi Arabic Stops: Implications for Laryngeal RealismAl-Gamdi, Nief Aied
2012The voicing contrast in Serbian stopsSokolovic-Perovic, Mirjana
2004Volo non Valeo quia Nequeo quod Desidero :antithetic aristocrat : George Howard, ninth Earl of Carlisle (1843 - 1911), artist and patronHaslam, Katherine Louise
2020Voltage and capacitance sensing using time comparisonGao, Kaiyuan
2020Voltage Balancing Sorting Algorithm with Reduced Switching Frequency for Modular Multilevel ConvertersZhang, Chenming
2013Voltage equalisation techniques for high capacitance device modulesLambert, Simon
2018Vortex-induced motions of multiple cylindrical offshore structuresLiang, Yibo