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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A System-of-Systems Architecture Methodology to Evaluate Energy Systems Integration as a Pathway for the Energy TransitionBerjawi, Ali El Hadi
2019A systematic approach to model-based engineering of cyber-physical systems of systemsMansfield, Martin
2018A systematic comparison of integrated genomic platforms and bioinformatics pipelines for next generation sequencing in patients with rare neuromuscular diseaseAlrohaif, Hadil E. D. M.
2014Systematic development of a behavioural intervention to promote sun-protection behaviours amongst holidaymakersRodrigues, Angela Margarete Martins
2017A systematic experimental approach to cavitation noise prediction of marine propellersAktas, Batuhan
2013A systematic review of school based mentoring interventions and an exploratory study of using Video Interaction Guidance to support peer reading mentorsMacCallum, Laura
2012A systematic review of the existing research around parent-child interaction video interventions and an exploration of the learning space created within video interaction guidance supervisionParker, Kathryn
2014Systematic support for accountability in the cloudWongthai, Winai
2016A systemic framework for monitoring energy performance of urban railwaysPalacin, Roberto
2019A systems approach to analyze the robustness of infrastructure networks to complex spatial hazardsCastellani, Francesco
2017Systems approaches to drug repositioningMullen, Joseph Michael
2013A systems biology approach to DNA damage repairDolan, David William Peter
2015A systems biology approach to investigate the role of peroxiredoxins in responses to hydrogen peroxideTomalin, Lewis Elwood
2019A systems biology investigation into age-related changes in the maintenance of collagen and extracellular matrix in human skinWelsh, Ciaran
2011A systems-level approach to the evolution of ageingRashidi, Armin
2014Sythesis and characterisation of ferrocenyl monolayers on silicon surfacesAbdualla, Mufida
2011The t(4;11) fusion protein MLL/AF4 regulates telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) expressionGressner, Andreas
2020T-cell Checkpoint Pathways Modulate Cell Cycle and Steroid Resistance in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic LeukaemiaShi, Yuzhe
2013Tabulae imperii Europaei :mapping European empireFoster, Russell David
1993Tactical interaction and integration : a study in warfare in the Hellenistic period from Philip II to the Battle of PydnaNutt, Stephen