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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Critically examining the end of life care of people with interstitial lung disease: views of patients, families and healthcare professionalsPalmer, Evelyn
1994Crop growth and water-use from saline water tablesKhandker, Md. Humayun Kabir
2005A cross cultural study of Chinese yi jing aesthetic theory and Ch'an philosophy applied to contemporary art : bright moon tender windChiu, Chun-Chao
2017Cross talk between CD271 expressing tumour subpopulations and autophagy in the drug resistance, invasion and survival of cutaneous metastatic melanomaVerykiou, Stamatina
2023Cross-border M&As in the Chinese Market: State-owned Enterprises and Legitimacy ConcernsLi, Qingtao
2015A cross-cultural investigation of the vocal correlates of emotionTickle, Alison Anne
2014Cross-cultural transition in higher educationSchartner, Alina
2013Crossmodal displays : coordinated crossmodal cues for information provision in public spacesCao, Han
2017Crosstalk of lysosomes, autophagy and apoptosis in dioxin-induced chloracne in vitroWoodward, Emma Louise
2023Crowdfunding : an exploration of funder and entrepreneurial heuristicsStorey, Christopher William
2023Crowdsourced Rainfall Data Cleaning, Validation, Visualisation, and Application (WOW)O'Hara, Tess
2015A cry of (little) death :a polyphonic account of mysticism, sex and self-dissolutionBrozzoni, Vera
2021Cryopreservation of retinal organoids and applications of RPE cells for disease modelling in retinitis pigmentosaGeorgiou, Maria
2020Cryptic viruses in Black-grass : Investigating their role in plant stress toleranceSantín Azcona, Jone
2014A Cuban Aleph :reflections of contemporary Cuban identity in the work of Porno Para RicardoAstley, Thomas David
2018The culture and political world of the fourth century AD : Julian, paideia and educationHughes, Victoria Elizabeth
2022The Curing and Pressurisation Behaviour of Bone Cement During Acetabular Cup Implantation in Cemented Hip ReplacementsBoote, Alexander Thomas
2016Current fed multilevel converters for high current power applicationsHassan, Bakri
2007Customer education : definition, measures and effects on customer satisfactionAubert, Benoit
2022Customer journeys in an omnichannel retail environment: Antecedents of satisfaction and customer coping strategiesTueanrat, Yanika