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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023The p-type Project- Development of Alternative Sensitisers and p-type Materials for Integration into Tandem DevicesFlint, Heather Victoria
2016p62 : linking protein homeostasis and the DNA damage response during ageingHewitt, Graeme
2021The Pacific self : oceanic narratives and self-representation in accounts of eighteenth-century British voyages of Pacific explorationGane, Daniel Charles
1978Pair bonding in the zebra finchSilcox, Andrew Paul
1998Palaeoenvironmental investigations of Holocene landscapes in the North Tyne basin, northern EnglandMoores, Andrew John
1987Palaeolatitudinal controls of Phanerozoic sediment-hosted mineral depositsGrainger, Susan Elizabeth
1994Palaeolimnology and holocene environmental change from endoreic lakes in the Ebro Basin, North-East SpainDavis, Basil Andrew Stansfield
1972Palaeomagnetic studies on rock formations in the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas regions of MoroccoHailwood, E. A.
2018Paleoenvironment and post-depositional changes recorded in the chemical composition of marine sediments from the Gulf of AlaskaZindorf, Mark Sebastian
2011Palladium based catalysts for oxygen reduction in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsFernandez Alvarez, Georgina
2019Palliative and end of life care provision for people with Parkinson’s disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy & Multiple System AtrophyMorris, Claire Elizabeth
1995Palynofacies analysis of middle Jurassic sediments from the Inner HebridesVincent, Alastair James
2015Paper based rapid prototyping of a dilemmatic pedagogy for the interpretation of narrative texts in classroomsTowler, Carl Stefan
2012PAPR and ICI reduction techniques for OFDM based satellite communication systemsAl-Dalakta, Emad Yacoub Qeryaqos
1995Parallel algorithms for numerical linear algebra on a shared memory multiprocessorKaya, Dogan
1995Parallel implementation of the finite element method on shared memory multiprocessorsPakzad, Mustapha
2000Parallel simulations using recurrence relations and relaxationMcGough, Andrew Stephen
2019Paramedic identification of stroke mimic presentations : development and preliminary evaluation of a pre-hospital clinical assessment toolMcClelland, Graham
2019Parameter inference for stochastic biological modelsRevell, Jeremy Duncan
2020Parametric estimation of non-minimum phase switch mode power convertersLi, Ruisheng