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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007QoS control of E-business systems through performance modelling and estimationFerrari, Giovanna
2019QSAR model development for early stage screening of monoclonal antibody therapeutics to facilitate rapid developabilityKizhedath, Arathi
2019A qualitative exploration of older adults' and care providers' perceptions of health and psychosocial factors shaping drinking in later lifeBareham, Bethany Kate
2022A qualitative exploration of the experiences of parents, who speak English as an additional language, and school staff in their communication togetherDyson, Priya Anand
2017A qualitative exploration of the role frontline health workers play in defining the quality of services provided to women experiencing an early miscarriageFarnworth, Allison
2018A qualitative study of how school practices can support generation of social capital, through analysis of parent views on participation with schools and with their child's learningCleland, Jonathan.
2019A qualitative study of Saudi PhD returnees' readjustment experience : their perceptions and impressionsAlmuarik, Gadah Sulaiman
2009Qualitatively modelling genetic regulatory networks: Petri net techniques and toolsBanks, Richard A.
2014Quality control procedures for GNSS precise point positioning in the presence of time correlated residualsGoode, Matthew Emyr David.
1996Quality management in Malaysian organizations :the relevance of values to improvement processMat Hassan, Mohd Ezani
2017Quality of distance e-learning at Saudi universities : students' perceptionsAlhathlol, Ali
2018The quality of experience of next generation audio :exploring system, context and human influence factorsWalton, Timothy
2017Quality of life and palliative care need in multiple system atrophy and progressive supranuclear palsy : a pilot study using quantitative and qualitative methodsWiblin, Louise
2008Quality of life, physiological evaluation and novel treatment in refractory constipation : a study of patients from a specialist clinic in the North East of EnglandCowlam, Simon
2011Quality of service for VoIP in wireless communicationsLopetegui Cincunegui, Iban
2013Quantification of bread crust crispness including the effects of selected additivesAl-Hebeil, Salah Ali I
2016Quantification of pathology in Lewy body: the impact of multiple pathologiesWalker, Lauren
2022Quantification of the demands of elite rugby union players and understanding the subsequent physiological and epigenetic responses : $$b an applied approach towards prescription and individualisationKupusarevic, Joe Dusan
2018A quantified past : fieldwork and design for remembering a data-driven lifeElsden, Christopher Richard
2013Quantifying activity in nascent neuronal networks derived from embryonic stem cellsAdams, Natalie