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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014u.Investigating discourse markers in Chinese college EFL teacher talk :a multi-layered analytical approachYang, Shanru
2019UAV photogrammetry ground control reductions using GNSSGrayson, Benjamin
2003UK corporate data and future cash flowsAl-Attar, Ali Mohammad
2020The UK equity unit trusts : time-varying market risk and idiosyncratic riskLi, Yanyu
2016The UK statutory derivative action : an opportunity to bring justice to minority shareholdersPitsillidou, Lida
2018UK university fundraising : an analysis of inequality and its perpetuationGibson, Alison
2011Ultimate elastic wall stress envelopes for (GRE) pipesAssaleh, Tarak Ahmed
2022Ultra-Nationalism & Socialism-from-Above in the Early Kita IkkiHoward, Nicholas Gregory
2019Ultrasonic and geochemical characterisation of asphaltene aggregation in water-in-oil emulsionsSvalova, Aleksandra
2021Ultrasound data communication system for bioelectronic medicinesRasool, Banafsaj Jaafar
2020UM, ER it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do itStobbart, Kate
2022Uncanny water : entangled bodies of water in fictions of the Northern Atlantic littoralRae, Caroline Emily
2018Uncertain existence :the reproductive decision-making of women with mitochondrial diseaseTonge, Julia
2018Uncertainties in long-term management of water resourcesJahanshahi, Golnaz
2014Uncertainty and uncertainty tolerance in service provisioningAbdullah, Johari
2010Uncertainty in service provisioning relationshipsSmith, Christopher John
2023Uncertainty quantification for stochastic simulators with application to offshore wind farmsKennedy, Jack Callum
2023Uncovering class in the works of Annie Ernaux, Christine Angot and Virginie DespentesJobling, Jemima Rose
2022Uncovering Patterns of Seizure Variability Within Individual Patients with Focal EpilepsySchroeder, Gabrielle Marie
2021Uncovering the molecular mechanisms behind mycetomaChapman, Jonathan