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Title: Exploiting the architectural characteristics of software components to improve software reuse
Authors: Alkazemi, Basem Yousef
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Software development is a costly process for all but the most trivial systems. One of the commonly known ways of minimizing development costs is to re-use previously built software components. However, a significant problem that source-code re-users encounter is the difficulty of finding components that not only provide the functionality they need but also conform to the architecture of the system they are building. To facilitate finding reusable components there is a need to establish an appropriate mechanism for matching the key architectural characteristics of the available source-code components against the characteristics of the system being built. This research develops a precise characterization of the architectural characteristics of source-code components, and investigates a new way to describe how appropriate components for re-use can be identified and categorized.
Description: PhD Thesis
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