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Title: The design, implementation and use of a computer-assisted instruction system
Authors: Dowsey, Michael William
Issue Date: 1970
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Computer-assisted instruction has developed over the last decade from simple teaching machine principles to a wide variety of instructional strategies. This development has changed the characteristics of the instructional system and the skills of the people involved. Design considerations for computer-assisted instruction systems are discussed, current operational systems are described and the need for another system is explained. In particular, attributes of author laneuages discussed with reference to those in use at the present time and the author 1anguage which was embedded in the instructional system is described. How the system was implemented under a general-purpose time-sharing system is described, together with possible modifications and additions. An investigation was carried out using the instructional system with two aims in view. Firstly, an attempt was made to validate the system and provide an appraisal of the facilities and services. Secondly, it was desired to study the teaching of programming languages by various methods. The methods employed allowed the comparisons of conventional teaching to teaching using computer-assisted instruction and demonstration classes to on-line examples classes to be made. The students' performance data is discussed and suggestions are made for future investigations of this kind. In contrast to the use of author languages, which, being programming languages, some authors find difficult to learn, an easy author entry system was designed. This allows entry of course material in English on planning forms and provides self-documentation for the author. Further details of the instructional system, together with examples of source code in the author language, student dialogue and student performance information, are contained in the appendices.
Description: PhD Thesis
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