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Title: Architectural education in Algeria
Authors: Zerouala, Mohamed Salah
Issue Date: 1986
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The study aims to bring out the essential steps of the dynamic and evolutionary aspect of architectural education. Dealing briefly with this historical process, the first part will seek to encompass and grasp the overall picture of the training of an architect in the past and the knowledge required to reach this goal. To extend our view to today's situation, a descriptive and evaluative analysis of the current programmes of selected countries (industrialised and developing countries) and other professions is necessary. Furthermore, Algeria is presented as a case study where major components involved in architectural education are dealt with principally to detect all the anomalies and to set up suggestions to appropriately improve the present training.. In order to provide guidance for action, a questionnaire was sent to students from developing countries studying in England followed by the interpretation of its results. These results are analysed to give the particular information relating to Algeria as well as to the total situation revealed by the questionnaires. This part is ended by some recommendations as a first step to see that the training of architects in Algeria is more effective.
Description: PhD Thesis
Appears in Collections:School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

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