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Title: Exploiting method semantics in client cache consistency protocols for object-oriented databases
Authors: Dwiartanto, Johannes
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Data-shipping systems are commonly used in client-server object-oriented databases. This is in- tended to utilise clients' resources and improve scalability by allowing clients to run transactions locally after fetching the required database items from the database server. A consequence of this is that a database item can be cached at more than one client. This therefore raises issues regarding client cache consistency and concurrency control. A number of client cache consistency protocols have been studied, and some approaches to concurrency control for object-oriented datahases have been proposed. Existing client consistency protocols, however, do not consider method semantics in concurrency control. This study proposes a client cache consistency protocol where method se- mantic can be exploited in concurrency control. It identifies issues regarding the use of method semantics for the protocol and investigates the performance using simulation. The performance re- sults show that this can result in performance gains when compared to existing protocols. The study also shows the potential benefits of asynchronous version of the protocol
Description: PhD Thesis
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