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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Older teen girls and filmsHolt, Anna
2022What links an eight-year old’s ‘journey to the moon’ and a law student going to court for their client? : orchestrating experiences conducive to student learning in a law clinicHall, Jonathan Richard
2022The peculiarities of the Cyprus airspace : implications for modern state sovereigntyHadjipavlis, Panayiotis
2022There is no ‘I’ in identity : a dialogic, social and discursive exploration of professional identity within inter-agency interactionsRichardson, Hannah
2022Mortality in Victorian Asylums, ca. 1870-1910. The causes, processes and monitoring of lunatic death, with a focus on post-mortemsFerrier, Ian Nicol
2022Incest between consenting adults: a case for decriminalisation?Beetham, Andrew
2022How can Educational Psychologists, School Practitioners, and Parents/Carers Come to a Shared Understanding of and Promote the Mental Wellbeing of Children and Young People with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities?Fitzpatrick, Dominic Josef Miles
2022Best foot forward : the social significance of representations of feet and footwear in the north-western provinces of the Roman EmpireShaw, Elizabeth Joan
2022The influence of child and social factors on the efficacy of language interventions and the role of language in predicting school readinessTulip, Josie
2022Axis police forces : collaboration and transnational interactions between Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany (1936-1943)Murro, Alberto