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Title: Hybrid force and position control in robotic surface processing
Authors: Steven, Andrew
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This programme of research was supported by NEI Parsons Ltd. who sought a robotic means of polishing mechanical components. A study of the problems associated with robot controlled surface processing is presented. From this evolved an approach consistent with the formalisation of the demands of workpiece manipulation which included the adoption of the Hybrid robot control scheme capable of simultaneous force and position control. A unique 3 axis planar experimental manipulator was designed which utilized combined parallel and serial drives. A force sensing wrist was used to measure contact force. A variant of the Hybrid control 'scheme was successfully implemented on a twin computer control system. A number of manipulator control programs are presented. The force control aspect is shown both experimentally and analytically to present control problems and the research has concentrated on this aspect. A general analysis of the dynamics of force control is given which shows force response to be dependent on a number' of important parameters including force sensor, environment and manipulator dynamics. The need for a robust or adaptable force controller is discussed. A series of force controlled manipulator experiments is described and the results discussed in the context of general analyses and specific single degree of freedom simulations. Improvements to manipulator force control are suggested and some were implemented. These are discussed together with their immediate application to the improvement of robot controlled surface processing. This work also lays important foundations for long term related research. In particular the new techniques for actively controlled assembly and force control under 'fast' operation.
Description: PhD Thesis
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