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Title: Computer simulation of highway traffic
Authors: Sumner, Stephen
Issue Date: 1970
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The work is concerned with the simulation of highway traffic using a high speed electronic digital computer, and is divided into four parts. The first chapter opens by describing simulation techniques in general, and traffic simulation by digital computer in particular. The advantages and disadvantages of the method are discussed. Early work in the U. S. A. and the U. K, is described, and then comparisons are drawn between the major current fields of study. The second chapter describes the formulation of a model to simulate traffic behaviour at a traffic signal controlled intersection. The object of the simulation is to determine an accurate description of the decrease in capacity of the intersection with an increase in the volume of right turning traffic. The results of the simulation are presented and analysed. Recommendations are made for incorporation into current traffic engineering practice. The third chapter describes the formulation of a model to simulate traffic moving along a long two-lane weaving section. Car following theory is used to describe the motion of the vehicles, and a model of the lanechange decision proposed and discussed. The effect of changes in the physical characteristics and traffic characteristics on the delay to vehicles using the section are predicted. The final chapter is concerned with the photographic equipment used to collect and analyse the field data necessary for the construction of accurate models.
Description: PhD Thesis
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