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Title: The hydrodynamics and heat transfer characteristics of liquid films on a rotating disc
Authors: Bell, Colin
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This work is concerned with the hydrodynamics and heat transfer characteristics of the liquid film formed when a liquid flows across a rotating, heated disc. Comprehensive reviews of both the hydrodynamic and heat transfer behaviour of planar gravitationally forced films, and rotating discs in homogeneous media of infinite extent, are presented in addition to the primary subject of this study. For the liquid film on the rotating disc, various hydrodynamic models are studied and the controlling parameters identified. Results obtained with water films are in good agreement with the theoretical models. A simple heat transfer model is developed as an extension to one of the hydrodynamic models. Experimental results for water films show fair agreement with the model and suggestions are made accounting for the discrepancies. Suggestions for future work in both the hydrodynamic and heat transfer fields are made.
Description: PhD Thesis
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