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Title: Transverse flux machines for high torque applications
Authors: Maddison, Christopher Paul
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Transverse Flux Machines (TFM) present some interesting problems to the machine designer, electro-magnetically and mechanically. They offer the lure of an extremely high specific output, but only, apparently, at the price of intricate three dimensional flux paths, a complicated construction and a low power factor. The research covered by this thesis was concerned with the study, development and improvement of these machines with a view to reducing the detracting aspects of the marque whilst accentuating its advantages. Extensive three dimensional finite element analysis into a wide range of TFM topologies, was coupled with practical investigations into three prototype TFMs constructed at Newcastle University. The result of this work was an improved TFM topology with comparatively good power factor, a simple single sided geometry and a very high specific output.
Description: PhD Thesis
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