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Title: Composition portfolio : producing techno grooves
Authors: Bergemann, Suade
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: PhD submission consisting of a portfolio of recordings presented both in their published form on five twelve-inch vinyl records and on two compact discs. The portfolio is accompanied by a commentary intended to facilitate access to the aesthetic statement presented in the portfolio. Following Charles Keil’s distinction between ‘embodied meaning’ and ‘engendered feeling’ this project investigates approaches to the creation of Techno music in terms of the significance of specific sounds, techniques and technologies in generating subsyntactic value. The concept of the groove and the importance of microtiming as they operate in my practice are discussed in the commentary and demonstrated through the production of a series of Techno records including both original compositions and remixes.
Description: PhD Thesis Additional music to be consulted in Robinson Library only.
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