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Title: From international student to integrated academic : supporting the transition of Chinese students and lecturers in UK higher education
Authors: Hsieh, Hui-hua
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This study explores the experience of international students who become members of staff in a UK university. The role transition from international student to international staff member brings new challenges, while previous difficulties experienced as an international student may persist. Relatively few studies have investigated the challenges encountered by international staff, and discussion on how to support the transition process for Chinese academics appointed to positions in UK Higher Education (HE) institutions is limited. This study aims to explore whether previous educational experience as international students influences the transition of staff members in UK HE institutions. Data were collected from Chinese students and lecturers through focus groups, interviews, narrative stories and documentary analysis, to provide rich and in-depth data. The findings indicate that Chinese lecturers and students encountered similar challenges, and that comprehensive support arrangements can help international students to transfer smoothly to the role of university lecturers. An academic transition framework is proposed as a guideline for HE institutions to provide integrated support for Chinese academics according to their different needs and transition stages. The implications of this research may be broadly applied to other international students and lecturers,who may face similar challenges in the UK context.
Description: PhD Thesis
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