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Title: On the selection and implementation of data structure representations
Authors: Gimson, Roger Brian
Issue Date: 1978
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: The selection and the implementation of representations for the data used in a computer program are considered in order to see what assistance can be provided to the programmer in carrying out these responsibilities. The notational and system support required to enable a library of generally applicable data representations to be established and used during program development are investigated. An approach to data representation has been developed which is based on transformations applied to the source language form of a program. A description is given of a notation for expressing such transformations in a form suitable for inclusion in a library of representations. An experimental system to aid selection and implementation of data representations has been developed in order to investigate the consequences of adopting a transformational approach to data representation. Examples are presented of the operation of the experimental systen to demonstrate how a programmer may guide the choice of representations for use in a program. Some conclusions are drawn concerning the feasibility of the transformational approach, and its possible further development.
Description: PhD Thesis
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