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Title: What is known about the concerns reported by pupils during the transfer from primary to secondary school? :a mixed methods literature review and empirical research
Authors: Weetman, James Rhys
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: Research shows that the transfer of pupils between the primary and secondary tiers of schooling is a key point in their lives, causing them anxiety and impacting on their ability to engage with learning. Yet despite this, research also concludes that this area is not given the attention it deserves. From a literature review of available research into pupil concerns prior to and following the transfer to secondary school, it is argued that quantitative and qualitative studies in this area can be combined in order to increase understanding of the concerns reported by pupils at this time. In order to show how specific concerns change across the transfer process, a Waterfall Model of Transfer is offered as a representation of the findings from the literature. In order to test the Waterfall Model of Transfer and explore pupil concerns further during the transfer process, a mixed methods study was conducted, focusing around a sorting task completed by 28 pupils in Year 6 and 6 pupils in Year 7. Additional qualitative and quantitative aspects were incorporated to support the findings of the sorting task. The results obtained show that overall levels of concern decrease following transition, but individual analysis highlights that for some pupils, specific concerns remain or increase in severity following transfer. The findings also support a revised Waterfall Model of Transfer as a tool to show how pupil concerns change at this key point in pupils’ lives. Theoretical and practical applications, as well as further research opportunities are also discussed.
Description: D.App.Ed.Psy Thesis
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