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Title: Integration of hybrid energy storage and organic Rankine cycle into the trigeneration system
Authors: Ji, Jie
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: An investigation of a distributed and integrated system of a trigeneration with a hybrid energy storage unit and an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) has been conducted using experimental tests and modelling simulation. A detail background study and literature review was carried out which covered the related studies of the similar trigeneration systems. The design of the whole system was displayed, the operation mode was formulated and the control strategy was proposed for meeting the dynamic power demand of selected case studies. Detailed simulation models for the integrated system were developed. The models were validated using experimental test results and the accuracy of the models were guaranteed (within 1.81%). The integrated model was then used to evaluate the overall performance of the system and the results showed that this system could meet the dynamic demand of the households. The system’s overall efficiency was 48.3% and 52.2% in two case studies. A further study on the optimal operation of the system was carried out, and it is found that the integrated system’s efficiency was improved from 3% to 22%. It was found that the integrated system of a trigeneration with a hybrid energy storage unit and an ORC has the potential advantage over the conventional trigeneration in terms of overall energy efficiency and operational flexibility. The main challenge lies within the area of operation control of such an integrated system and further research into this control issue is needed. Future study into exploring other renewable energy sources for the system and more experimental tests on the integrated system are suggested
Description: PhD Thesis
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