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Title: A methodology for the quantitative evaluation of attacks and mitigations in IoT systems
Authors: Arnaboldi, Luca
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: As we move towards a more distributed and unsupervised internet, namely through the Internet of Things (IoT), the avenues of attack multiply. To compound these issues, whilst attacks are developing, the current security of devices is much lower than for traditional systems. In this thesis I propose a new methodology for white box behaviour intrusion detection in constrained systems. I leverage the characteristics of these types of systems, namely their: heterogeneity, distributed nature, and constrained capabilities; to devise a pipeline, that given a specification of a IoT scenario can generate an actionable intrusion detection system to protect it. I identify key IoT scenarios for which more traditional black box approaches would not suffice, and devise means to bypass these limitations. The contributions include; 1) A survey of intrusion detection for IoT; 2) A modelling technique to observe interactions in IoT deployments; 3) A modelling approach that focuses on the observation of specific attacks on possible configurations of IoT devices; Combining these components: a specification of the system as per contribution 1 and a attack specification as per contribution 2, we can deploy a bespoke behaviour based IDS for the specified system. This one of a kind approach allows for the quick and efficient generation of attack detection from the onset, positioning this approach as particularly suitable to dynamic and constrained IoT environments.
Description: PhD Thesis
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