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Title: Virtual Mexico: Magical Towns in 360 degrees An exploratory study of the potential of 360-degree video in promoting cultural tourism
Authors: Salazar Flores, Jesús Leopoldo
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Newcastle University
Abstract: This thesis critically evaluates the potential of 360-degree video played in VR to promote Mexico’s cultural tourism in the UK. It looks at the Magical Towns programme, a strategy of the Mexican government to diversify the tourism industry through cultural tourism. The programme groups a series of towns with specific characteristics under an umbrella brand. This study focuses on two towns with the Magical Town designation: Tequila and Tlaquepaque. Both towns play emphatically with Mexico’s country identity, replicating imagery, icons, art, music, and atmospheres considered ‘authentically Mexican’. With a case study approach, this thesis examines the current promotional and communication strategies among stakeholders in both towns and their willingness to adopt new promotional tools. It also looks at the opinions of potential visitors, assessing awareness levels, perceptions and preconceptions about Mexico, attitudes towards using 360-degree video, and the format’s effectiveness in changing them. This thesis proposes that a solid marketing communications and PR strategy could incorporate 360- degree video technology to raise awareness and promote Mexico’s cultural tourism. The findings suggest that 360-degree video is a novel promotional tool that can significantly contribute to constructing Mexico’s country image and reputation by depicting places strongly related to its country identity and branding. However, the preference for more straightforward promotional material, such as photographs, will prevail. The implementation of 360-degree video should therefore be part of an integral promotional campaign and not a stand-alone promotional tool.
Description: Ph. D. Thesis.
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