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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Cairo, khåora and deconstruction : towards a reflexive reading placeAbdelwahab, Mona A.
2012Calcium signalling and differentiation in neuroblastoma cellsBell, Natalie
2023Calcium-sensing receptor and voltage-gated potassium channel type 7 crosstalk : a potential therapeutic target for persistent neuropathic orofacial pain /Chuinsir, Nontawat
2012Calibration of full-waveform airborne laser scanning data for 3D object segmentationAbed, Fanar Mansour Abed
2021Calm Displays and Their Applications : Making Emissive Displays Mimic Reflective Surfaces Using Visual Psychophysics, Light Sensing and Colour ScienceKučera, Jan
1987Cambridge University and the development of Victorian ideas, 1830-1870Gibbins, John Richard
2012Camping and tramping, Swallows and AmazonsSheeky, Hazel
2009Can children and parents read happily ever after? : an investigation of extensive reading in TaiwanChiang, I-Chin Nonie
2016Can creative circles improve reading comprehension and creative thinking of Saudi third-grade middle school EFL learners?Al Qahtani, Abdulaziz Ali Yahya
2021Can Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) interventions support positive change in the wider school?Robertson, Helen Elizabeth
2015Can EVA create value?: a dynamic longitudinal investigation of three New Zealand companiesMcLaren, Josephine Anne
2019Can independent takeaways change to offer healthier food? : an exploration of the challenges for independent takeaways and public healthGoffe, Louis Alan
2020Can institutions adapt to new models of economic governance? : case studies in North East England and Tees ValleyMorris, Peter
2018Can short sprints during moderate intensity exercise reduce the incidence of exercise mediated hypoglycaemia in individuals with type 1 diabetes?Chetty, Tarini
1999Can the rationale of a highly reliable organisation aid the improvement of an inner-city comprehensive school?Broady, Anthony
2019Can we improve the early diagnosis of Lewy body disease with more accurate quantification of nuclear medicine scans.Roberts, Gemma
2009The Canadian Künstlerroman : the creative protagonist in L.M. Montgomery, Alice Munro and Margaret LaurenceHarris, Sian
2015Cancellable biometric using matrix approachesMukhaiyar, Riki
2012A capabilities approach to local and regional development in Europe :evidence from Alentejo, PortugalEdwards, John Huw
2018Capability of silicon carbide Schottky diodes as radiation detector and for x-ray photon energy harvestingMohamed, Nurul Syazwina Binti